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Fire Alarms

A fire alarm system saves lives by warning the occupants of the building that a fire is present allowing them to get out of danger quickly and will minimise damage to your property and belongings.


A typical fire alarm system is made up of a mixture of devices as follows:


  • Control panel including back up batteries

  • Carbon monoxide and / or smoke detectors

  • Break glass call points

  • Sounders and strobe units


BTS will design you a system large or small for your home or business that meets your financial and security requirements. We will always design you a system with ease of operation our aim.

We can also offer a system that can be monitored remotely by an alarm receiving centre.

​With our vast experience we can maintain the majority of Fire Alarms, allowing us to take on systems that were not installed by ourselves and to then maintain to our high standards.


Fire Alarms


Intruder Alarms




Door/Gate Intercom

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