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Door and Gate Intercom

Your personal security can be greatly enhanced by the installation of a door intercom system. With the introduction of some of the latest systems, you no longer have to open the door to people when your door bells rings. With our systems you are able to speak to the person at the door or even see who it is before you decide if you want to open the door / gate. If required a bespoke locking system can be installed, allowing you to release the door or gate thus preventing the need to physically open the door yourself.


We can also offer you a system that will call your mobile phone allowing you to always answer the door if you’re at home or out and about and if a locking system is installed you can release the door / gate to allow entry or a delivery to be made.


BTS will design you a system large or small for your home or business that meets your financial and security requirements. We will always design you a system with ease of operation our aim.

​With our vast experience we can maintain the majority of door / gate Intercoms, allowing us to take on systems that were not installed by ourselves and to then maintain to our high standards.


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Intruder Alarms




Door/Gate Intercom

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